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Mianus Information

A few info about Mianus from Wikipedia.org "The Free Encyclopedia"


Mianus or North Mianus is one of many neighborhoods located within the Town of Greenwich, Connecticut. Unlike Cos Cob or Old Greenwich, Mianus does not have its own zip code or post office. The Mianus neighborhood includes parts of Cos Cob and Riverside.
The community is located in a river valley formed by the
Mianus River. It is home to North Mianus School, an elementary school. The Mianus River is dammed at East Putnam Avenue. The dam separates the tidal salt water estuary from the fresh water river. The area above the dam is called Mianus Pond.
The area and the river are named after the chief of the
Siwanoy Tribe of Native Americans that inhabited the area when Europeans first encountered them. The Siwanoys sold areas of what is now called "Old Greenwich" to the first English settlers of the town for "40 English Coates" in 1640. This part of the town of Greenwich was brought to fame when Jackass star Johnny Knoxville and his crew came to the town and made fun of the name, pronouncing it like "my anus" (the actual pronunciation is "my anise"). They went around the town asking residents questions like, "How do you get to Mianus?", "Is Mianus a big place?" and "Look, there is a big, red truck in Mianus." Later, they visited a restaurant and ordered hotdogs with Chris Pontius asking Bam if he wants a bite of his hotdog, Bam takes a bite and says, "I've always wanted Chris's wiener in Mianus", then looks through a telescope trying to point it towards Uranus from Mianus and so on. He finished the segment by going to the Mianus Sewage Filter Plant. At the end of the segment, Pontius says, "We've milked Mianus dry".

Mianus Jackass Photos

Here we search for some photos of famous people in Mianus, don't bother you can see Mianus pretty well!

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Here we see famous people in mianus, the guys of Jackass!


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